ZJ lift options

Checking for a friend. i think Eric is the only person who wheels a ZJ but either way its good info to store away.

looking for an inexpensive 2" lift for a ZJ. it will see very little in the way of trail riding. any suggestions?

Budget boost (spacers) or 2" OME coils. The coils are probably 4x the price of spacers but will be far more satisfying. Either way some decent shocks are needed. Rancho RS5000 on a budget or Bilstein 5100’s for optimal ride quality. 2" will fit 31’s with minor trimming of the front bumper (and 2" bump stop extensions).

Derick, we sell a budget boost kit that is for TJ’s but is the same for a ZJ (minus the bump stops). Only thing we don’t have for it is the shocks at this time. All I’ve really seen or heard mentioned are the Rusty’s kits or Rough Country’s (haven’t heard any direct reviews on it) but they’re fairly inexpensive and do the trick.