ZJ brakes

anyone have a set of rear ZJ disk breaks laying around that they want to get rid of. I’m thnking about doing the convertion now :laughing:.

I do.

But my understanding is that they will not work on the Chrysler 8.25. Jonnyb did some research on this and found that discs from a Liberty will work.

How much would you want for them? I found a good write up on installing them, and it seems that you just need to do a little grinding to get them to fit.

yeah i saw that somewhere too. makes it a little easier cuz i havent found kj rear discs. the ones i come across have drums

Hmmmm. Looks like we might have a bidding war here . . .

But seriously, the whole axle is posted on CL for $125. I think one of the bearings is shot but the brakes are usable and the axle shafts are nearly brand new (<10k miles). I removed the calipers and rotors last summer. The pads are gone and the rotors are questionable; at a minimum they should be resurfaced. Calipers are in good shape and all the e-brake parts were replaced less than 2 years ago (also been less than 10K miles). The backing plates and brackets are still mounted to the axle because I could not easily get the c-clips out.

I’ll separate the brakes from the axle just because I like you. :laughing:

I’m out of town until late Friday at the earliest. Let me think about a price and get back to you on like Saturday.

my friend Joe has a 8.25 with disk brakes too. make him an offer

with what gears?

sounds good to me Eric. I’m in no real rush, I’ve been with out back brakes sense March. :laughing:

Derick, I would but I would hate to have to wled up a new axel and go through all that stuff again so that it would still fit my new lift. Plus I still have my old 8.25, I dont think that I would have the room for another one :laughing:

not sure. i’ll ask him to check