YJ mirror relocation bracket. How to get the torx bolts out

Got my mirror relocation brackets today, thought I’d be able to just remove the torx and put em on… Never that easy lol. I got the torx bolts loose but they’re just spinning which makes me think, either A. they’re snapped or B. there’s a nut back there holding them… I’m thinking it’s B because I didn’t feel any snap on either bolt and, working on saltwater used marine engines a lot, I’m pretty good at knowing what a snapped bolt feels like :laughing:

So those of you with YJs and relocation brackets that utilize the bottom two bolts on the windshield hinge… What did you do? I can’t image that I need to remove the dash for this, do I?


windshield hinges have back nut…and they are a FUCKING pain in the ass to get to. you can always remove the dash to get at them easier. do yourself another favor, replace the torx with ss hex cap bolts, it’ll make life easier in the future

Yup .I agree PAIN IN THE #SS. PASSENGER SIDE NOT SO BAD , YOU HAVE TO REACH YOUR ARM WAY UP UNDER DASH, DRIVER SIDE SUCKS. IT DOESHELP to loosen the blots & slide the dash back, extra set of hands helps so you can work under dash while someone else works on the out side. just be patient it get frustrating especially on drivers side.