YJ full door handle problem in Cranston

If anyone is in the Cranston east area (right by the Cranston stadium) and wouldn’t mind coming to help me figure out how to put these exterior door handles in and make them work I will gladly pay you for your time. The saw clips are pretty damaged already so I just forced the handle out… IF YOU HAVE AN EXTRA DRIVERS SIDE HANDLE I’LL BUY IT OFF YA!

I took a half day out of class so I could get this done because Thursdays and Fridays I drive 1hr 20min down to Clinton, CT to a marina for my internship and my soft upper sliders are literally falling apart on the ride haha So I’d really like to get these full doors working (pass side works fine).

text me anytime 401 280 5638 or contact me on here… Text is easiest and fastest, I’m not much of a phone person lol