YJ Family Style Safari Top (free) & Quick Deflater (sold)

I just realize I’ve still got my Safari top from the YJ… family bar style. It’s got a good scrape on the driver’s side along the roll bar, but no holes. Free if someone can get use out of it.

I’ve also got a quick deflater - Currie EZ Deflater style. $20 like new condition.

the quick deflator is a great thing to have. airs you down in seconds rather than messing with trying to push in the needle

I’ll take it.

Just have to figure out how/when to meet up with you.

Deflater gone to the barefoot wonder! I’ll send you a PM Bob.

what did he get??? the top of the deflator???

Sorry, assuming Bob wanted the deflater since he has a TJ. I’ve updated the post.

If the top is still available, I could have used it this past weekend :unamused:

I saw pictures of an exploded Ford Ranger diff housing. That was a good one!!

ha, ya he tore that sucker in 2. that was insane. if he wants it i have a D35 4.10’s with a Detroit, C-clip eliminated and spare axle shafts setup for a XJ. $100

He is a 100% Ford guy, if the part didn’t have a blue oval on it when it was created it wont go on his rig. :unamused:

What about the meaning of the logo?



FORD= first on race day, or found on road dead, or fix or repair daily. but I do own & like ford products.


is the top still avail?

2nd dibs on safari top. if still available.

I still haven’t gotten any reply from Jonny, maybe because this post went off in another direction :unamused:

I still have first dibs on it if it is still available.

try to PM him. he should answer that.

Got the PM and answered.