YJ Doors

I’m selling the doors i took off my old YJ.

The windows and locks work and i have a key to the locks too. There is some paint chipping from rubbing on the body and hard top, which reveals the original color of the doors (red). Long story short, the paint job was from a body shop. contact me if you want specific photos or info on the doors.
$750 OBO.rubbing 2.JPG
rubbing 1.JPG

Not everyone at once.

How about $500.

You don’t have the top too do you? I’ve got canvas top halfs on my yj and they flex out a bit at speed. Makes it extra drafty in the winter time haha

No hard top.
I did have half doors with a hard top on that jeep until the doors were stolen. After about a month of looking (and driving in December without doors) i put in an insurance claim and got these as a replacement.

Of course that was about 10 years ago and three Jeeps ago…just never had the motivation to put them up for sale.

I’ll move it down to $350 if that will entise you!

$250…and i’ll do the truffle shuffle at the next OSJ event!

somebody must need new doors.

Need and have the money for are two things, if they haven’t sold by the time I can drum up cash I may take them. Funds are just tied up right now for the foreseeable future. :laughing: