YJ Build

so i’m new to the whole leaf spring thing and square headlights…

i acquired a yj from a friend of mine for a steal. the plan is for this to be my trail rig but still FL street legal. keeping it cheap cheap right now… man if i hadn’t gotten rid of all those usable spare parts :blush: i want to just run my 34’s for now. the rear frame has some typical rot so i’ll have to incorporate that into the first round of the build.

the question is what would you have done differently? spring under or over? backhalf it? keep in mind i’ll be driving it to trail rides

nice, good luck

Copy AJ or Jay. Both have gone through the DO and then REDO phase. . .

Cheap lift - Spring over.

why do you say spring over Mike?

4 link the rear for near the same cost? leaf springs up front. i was thinking of moving the gas tank into the back and using something like this… artecindustries.com/TJYJ-Bac … p_389.html

and just run coil springs for now. i have to do rear frame patching, i think i have a lot of wire brushing to do too and some detective work to see how far the rot goes.

or do i just get a pair of the Safe T Caps and run with it

Remove rust before repairing or else its just a hack job.

BDS or Rubicon Express if you are sticking with leafs. Building a triangulated 4-link rear should be fairly straightforward.

I would do the opposite, 3 link the front & run a set of BDS springs in the back sprung over, or 3 & 4 link the whole thing. DO NOT RUSH INTO IT, thats how I ended up changeing springs 3 times. wasted a lot of $$$$$$.

4" BDS spring under. quick, easy, effective. (disclaimer; this is only my opinion, if others disagree, i don’t care. lol)


The deal breaker will be how much solid frame I have left.


I agree wiyh axle, I switched to BDS springs & luv em, do not waste your money on rough country springs. fix the frame, spring under with new springs, some boom shacles & away you go, & toss sway & track bars away.

Congrats on the yj…

The best advise I can give is keep it low.

I’ve seen some sexy no lift yj’s on forties… lot of trimming lol

That frame looks really soft/thin. Like said, I’d fix that first before spending a dime on anything else.

Ya that will be my first battle. That’s kind if why I’m leaning to backhalf it with those S shaped frame transitions. I’m just thinking of how I should do the suspension. I was kind of thinking some longer leafs (F150’s?)or costom from Palmer Spring, spring under, stretch it back 5 inches, clearance everything as needed. Or 4 link with coil springs. The front I’m going to run stock and maybe throw in my ARB. There will b an 8.8 in the rear and thinking about 4.88. Trying to get it at least wheelable for next year.

ive been thinking of the link suspension, but with everything else I need to do this winter, I don’t think it$$ an option

Subscribing to this because this gives me ideas for when my YJ becomes a trail/weekend driver lol. You’re not getting rid of the TJ right?

No, it’s will basically be a mall crawler which is a shame after all the work I put into it.

I’m really leaning to the side of chopping the backhalf of the frame, 4 linking it with coil springs, moving the gas tank and stretching the back end out as far as I can.

sounds like a good plan. do it right the first time :sunglasses: