XJ suspension

my sons XJ is turning into a money pit. Found out the front suspension needs alot of parts replaced. Came home and brake lines blew.
If anyone is free this weekend I could seriously use some help getting this work done.

[size=200]I will be working on this Today 9/29 if you have time and would like to help please do.[/size]
[size=150]Any help would be greatly appreciated.[/size]

[size=150]Located @ 539 high st (rte114)Cumberland[/size]

Mike, Not sure if you can get it here or not but if you can I will be happy to help. I will be out working on my jeep this weekend and don’t mind helping you also.

Best case scenario is grab them with vise grips, hope they don’t break coming out, and then replace them.

After the core charge calipers are cheap enough that I would just replace them.

Take a deep socket that fits over the bleeder screw an use a hammer on the socket to shock the caliper area around the bleeder. Sometimes it works to help with the rust. If that doesn’t help a little bit if heat .

The socket/hammer trick shocking the bleeder screw has worked in the past for me, that along with lots and lots of PB Blaster. Also if you can get one, a brake bleeder wrench works much better - it’s a 6 point box wrench so it won’t round it out and it’s about a foot long so it gives you some extra leverage. I’d be very careful with heat - operative word there was “a little bit”, a very little bit actually. Remember, brake fluid is flammable and the piston seals in the caliper are not a big fan of direct heat like that. Also tweak the bleeder in both directions - tighten/loosen - ever so slightly, it will start to loosen the rusty death grip and allow the PB Blaster to penetrate deeper. Soak it with Blaster every time you tweak it.

got the front axle shafts and tie rods all removed. pretty much the whole front except diff.
need to start on brake rebuild next. hoping to have this back together for trail ride this weekend.

Good luck

i can probably swing by to help wends if you need a hand. rebuilding the axle shafts?

Axle joints replaced already. waiting on some parts for front end. So I will be working on rear brakes next. If you can come by I am home @ 5:30 everyday.

Rear brake hardware replaced. Adjusters unfrozen drums rotate freely now. Picking up parts for front end tomorrow morning.

i’ll be by for a bit after i get out of work tomorrow. probably around 6

Got ball joints back in tonight. Was told by firestone that track bar needed to be replaced because ball joint end was bad. Dropped track on bushing end to check for play in ball joint end. How freely should ball joint move? It does not feel loose or knock around any, but swings freely.

sorry i didnt make it Mike. if you are working tomorrow i WILL be there

Yeah! I will be working on it every night and saturday until it is done. It needs to be done by Monday so Ian can get to school & work.

the only accurate way to check the track bar is with the wheels on the ground and having someone rock the steering wheel back and forth wile it is running. If you have any doubt(and the budget allows) just change. I have installed a lot of track bars over the last 20 years, spend the extra on a good one its not worth a cheap one if the jeep is going to be used a lot.

I’ll be by tomorrow Mike. What time are you starting?

All done!
Tad & Derek for your help.

That’s great mike. Wish I could of been more helpfull. My brother has todo the same thing to his TJ.