Xj power switchs......

I think the power switch on my passengers door went, i cannot use the power locks on any door or hatch, power windows work on all the windows but the passenger ( thats because the cable broke that lifts and lowers the window. That part im currently waiting for) any sudgestions. As of right now i cant get the hatch open whatso ever, any knowledge would be greatly appreciated

when the cable for the window broke did it fall in the door. Maybe it broke a wire or something? What year is the xj?

I would pull the pass. side door panel off and check the wires.
If you dont see a problem get another master switch for the drivers door.

Sometimes you can pull the plastic on the hatch out enuf to slide a hand down in there to manualy pop it. PITA

Thanks for the info. right now the passengers side door is apart, wasn’t gonna put it all back together just to take it apart again, no wires are damaged. i will check again though. i think i do need a new master switch it’s acting up when i go to lower the rear windows.
And thanks for the info on the hatch. appreciate it greatly.

Have you checked your fuses?

I can tell you I’ve had to climb in the back of two of my previous ZJs to take as much of the inside plastic off as I could to be able to get at the latch mechanism, open it, and then fix it up from there once you gain full access. The nice thing about the ZJ is the top part of the hatch is a window that opens, so I could have someone on the outside holding the platic away from the gate itself while I worked on getting something in there to release it.

Chris, i tried but i couldn’t find an exact diagram to tell me what fuse was what, the panel said refer to the owners manual, and the owners manual said to look at the panel…i was like wtf!. do you know what fuse it is or where i could find a diagram.

alot of times, the wiring that goes from the body to the doors, may have a break in it from bending back and forth as the door opens and closes. something to consider.

Axle…been there already with the front speakers, will look into it thou. thanks.

I just e-mailed you some PDFs that might help you out.

Thanks Chris

Ok heres the update, theres power going to the passengers side switch, fuse is ok, and when i go to plug the top plug in i hear the power lock kick in, then nothing, took the switch apart and looked for any damage or burnt marks and found nothing. Any more ideas?

I also found out the hatch on my xj is not the original one, and whoever did it never changed the lock, so when i tried the key…it didn’t work, but when i removed the back panel to my surprise it came of a grey jeep…smh, anyways now thats temporarily fixed due to some rope, but if anyone has anymore ideas about the power locks, i’m all ears. And thank you chris for the schematics.

Does anyone know how to remove a hatch lock?

can you just pull the cover on the back. i’d think there are just some screws holding it in

Derek…theres a bolt with a nut on one side ant the lock on the other, imma give it another try after work tommorow.

ya i’m a wrangler guy so i have no clue :laughing: