XJ Lover from western MA


My name is Tim and I live on lake congamond in west suffield, ct. My shop where i work on my jeep is in Springfield, MA. I have a 93 XJ with about 4.5" of lift front and rear. I bought it bone stock with 197000 miles and a bad head. I’ve been working on it by myself ever since. I didnt start throwing offroad parts at it till november of last year. It’s definitely a love hate relationship, i love her when she works but she likes to piss me off. I like going to club events, especially camping trips because i’m a huge camping buff. I built my rig more toward the expedition side of wheeling. Cant’ wait to meet all of you and get into the woods.

Timmay!!! Glad you made it on bro.

we gotta get you out this weekend

welcome Tim. we have a bunch of trail rides coming up in the next couple months and will be camping at the end of next month. submit and application and we’ll get you some more info.

welcome to the forum

Just emailed the app over. Looking forward to the camping trip. I had one schedualed with my other club on the 16th but i am in a wedding that day. I was hoping to come along on the run tomorrow if thats cool.

you should be able to view the event section now. just sign in and we’ll see you on Saturday

YAY another XJ! Welcome to the forum :smiling_imp:

Welcome Tim!!!

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum