xj leafs

Looking for stock- 2inch xj leafs. Cheap I guess its time to stretch the yj a lil bit. Most of you have my number if not 4016885865 dont post here im never on

Just a fyi I called 4wd and with the club discount a set of 3 inch pro com leafs are 189 to your door free shiping till the end of feb

Need to quit dicking around and link it.

Gene check with Jeeps Unlimited. I know they had a few XJ’s in the back there may have the leafs.

When you pay for the links ill link it lol im on a budget

Sell the Quad and do some real wheeling.

Never lol

gene we have a set that arent too bad. they are stock though… prob be like 100 bucks for the pair because taking them off without ruining the bushings is hell.