XJ Armor

I’m looking to get frame stiffeners for the Cherokee but don’t know where to get a good set, also needs to work with sliders and a long arm kit.
All the stiffeners I’ve seen dont look like they’ll work we’ll with sliders and long arms

When I bought my long arm kit form TnT they asked if I wanted there frame stiffeners as well. So I said why not. Then after the lift and frame stiffeners were installed I ended up buying there rocker guards a year later. Everything fit well together because it all came from the same company. I also know that JonnyB bought the Clayton long arms, I am not sure about who he bought the frame stiffeners from, and his rocker guards came from JCR Offroad. Everything seemed to fit well for him as well.

Ok, I was looking at TNTs does it come as solid metal or is there holes already in it?

It comes as solid metal, but when I got mine I ended up drilling holes into it so that I would have more area to weld to.

I am going to do this myself. Sooo tired of my doors wiggling among other things…

I was going to get these ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/XJRAIL.html

Yeah I saw this too, there $60 more tho

And chris, the slider you have(TnT) did you have to weld this on also?

The only welding required for everything I installed onto my Jeep was the frame stiffeners. I did end up welding the mounts for my frame rails, but it’s optional. If your going to the trail ride on Sunday you can take a look.

Ok cool, I just orderd the stiffeners there’s not much to choose from. Ill take your word for it haha