WTB YJ drivers leaf spring plate

well i got some HD ubolts for the new D30. their 5/8 thick. so i tried to drill out the holes in the spring plate. too much of a pita. so i need one to replace the one i hacked up. just going to return the ubolts i got and get some 1/2 or 9/16 ones.

I’ve got a variety… think the ones from the part out are still decent, if not we can cut off one of the current ones. I got a deal on new ones so I’m not going to re-use either set.

sweet maybe i’ll stop by tonite. (thurs)

If I’m not home swing by the church (sort of) behind our house. Eli has scouts tonight.

thanks a bunch jon, it worked out great. actually finished everything tonite. tomorrow i’ll take it for a test ride. alignment might be off but thats ok for now