WTB XJ lift componets and accessories 4.0 mods spare parts

Need adjustable track bar for 4.5" lift…Sway bar quick disconnects a 231 transfer case… adjustable control arms upper and lower…I have pro comp fixed ones I can trade…aftermarket fender flares…anything you got layin around let me know also anything for the 4.0 throttle bodys spacers cold air intake etc…actualy looking for a spare hood so I can make a cowl hood…I need spare stuff… I missed out on the high lift jack and the track bar recently posted…

I have a 2000 xj sport 4.0… 4.5" lift tiny 30 x 10.5 BFG A/T tires on AR outlaw II soon to be 33s

Also want some Grand Cherokee lazy boys for my heep

If your on Facebook check out New England offload trading post. Always a bunch of xj stuff on there

when you are selling the 30"s let me know.

Goin to be selling the 30s soon prob after christmas

i got some stuff i have a hole parts jeep and some lift parts …im also selling 5 33 bfg mt km2 with rims thay have less than 2000 miles on them 1100.

Cool I am def interested maybe we can set something up soon… I will pm you when I get home im on my cell right now at work… It wouldnt be till next week or the week after… I am slammed at work

pm me a price, maybe pics, thanks