WTB TJ rubicon front axles shafts

Looking for a cheap set of TJ Rubicon front axles shafts - both sides or whatever you have. Lost the stub and inner shaft on the driver side and the long inner shaft on the passenger side so may as well replace both half’s. Stock or Chromo are both fine, looking for as cheap as the axles and the jeep are likely to be parted out or sold as a whole and I want to put as little $$ into it to make it salable as possible. lost the shafts, throw out bearing and popped codes for the two O2 sensors this weekend… Now in addition to needing the welding on the driver side body mounts its past the point of me wanting to put $ into fixing it to get more out of a sale price.

How much for the whole jeep as it sits? And how is the frame?

you can see the thread here:

I was looking for $7,200 firm depending on options when it was running OK and had no takers but I didnt push it as I knew I could get closer to 8K or more when I fixed the body mounts and other rust issues with the body. The frame has some scaling on the outside and can use a few hours of wire wheel but the frame on 03 seems to be holding up much better than the older frames. Depending on if you wanted the 35s and MCE Fenders I would want $6,500 which is a very fair price. this would include really good rubber MTR/K with a ton of tread, the repair panel for the body mounts, new shocks all around, new BDS springs, Rubi axles and tcase as well the sub in the center console. I have a solid estimate of $500 to fix the body mounts, the 02 sensors are about 125 for the pair and shafts can be found for about 150-200. Parts for the throw-out bearing should be around 100 or so and Im sure a club member can help replace that and the clutch if desired. If I put the stock rims and tires on it the price can adjust down to a firm $6,200. the rear window on the soft top is also missing its zipper but a repair kit is cheap… so for around 1K and some sweat equity you can have a hell of a wheeler or flip it for a profit.

Having driven it offroad slightly, the front tires clear no issue with the 2" lift and MCE Flares. The rear needs a few more inch lift or some trimming to clear the 35s with any kind of load as they did rub a bit on and off the road. A cheap 1-2" coil spacer should work…

Parting it out will be a bit of work but should easily get over 7-8K between the T case, axles and drive train and decent frame…