WTB: hitch and haul carrier

going camping in a couple weeks. 2 dogs, gear, food and beer… i don’t have enough room to make a 4 hour trek to upstate NY. so i was just wondering if anybody had one of these laying around.

If you don’t find one it time, we have one you can borrow. Just let me know.

thank you. i might take you up on that.

I also have one you can borrow.

No problem at all. Just let me know. You could pick it up on your way to/from work if you wanted.

alright. if i dont find a used one cheap i’ll borrow yours. it wont be till mid next week

just found one for $60, thanks

That’s cool. I think we paid more than that for ours. Nice find.

We also have the fabric zippered storage bag that fits on top of the rack if you don’t want anything out in the open. You can stop by and look at it and see if it is something you want to borrow.

i just have to figure out what i’m actually bringing. but will probably take you up on the storage bag offer