WTB Ford 60 Front w.4.56's

Title says it. if anyone has a ford front that they are parting out of a project truck or know some who’s getting rid of a set of axles, i am willing to buy the front. i am going full 1 ton on a project and would like to pick up a ford driver side drop axle.

thanks everyone.

Good luck. Finding those is like winning the lottery. Did you check car-part.com? If you are not already then start watching the classifieds on Pirate4x4.

yea, checked car part, and have been searching and asking members on Pirate. I already have my 14 bolt FF with 4.56’s but im just looking for a front and im now leaning toward picking up a decent shape 60 and just having it re-geared. I’m just gonna have to keep my eye out then for one.

Looks like Smithfield Auto has one for $1,000.