WTB an XJ (considering ZJ and YJ as well)

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a 97-01 XJ automatic. Lower miles are obviously a plus but will look at high milage XJs as well if the price is right. Stock or modified I don’t care. Current Rhode Island Inspection is a huge plus! Minor work or TLC needed is okay but don’t want a project.

I’ve been doing some looking around and find the avg. price is around $2k-$2.500 so anything around/lower than that I am very interested in. I am not a low baller, haggler or cheapskate haha Just that’s around what I would like to spend.

Prefer an XJ but WOULD ALSO CONSIDER a nice looking ZJ OR Decent YJ Wrangler maybe needing work (But I know $2,500 for a decent Wrangler isn’t happening haha). 97-01 xj is top pref.

Text me pics and info at 4o1 28o 5638 anytime or message me on here. I don’t answer random numbers so text is the best mode of contact.


Just a heads up that when you purchase a used vehicle from a private party in RI any existing inspection sticker (even if it is brand new) is invalidated and you have 30 days after registering the vehicle to get it inspected or else the registration will be suspended. This is what the computer age has heaped upon us. Bastards!!!

Seriously? When did this come about?! I bought/registered my Jimmy a year ago when it was already inspected… Haven’t heard anything of the sort. What a mess!!!

Thanks for the info I will have to look into that as it’s news to me!


Never heard of that, and wasn’t notified of it when I registered my heep. Very interesting… I will have to look into that.

Its been that way for at least two years now. Ever since they computerized the inspection system.

In that time we have purchased 4 different vehicles and recieved the suspension notice on 3 out of the 4. It seems that they don’t always catch it.

I also got the suspension notice for my 2004 Mazda which I purchased new and was never inspected until registration came due two years ago. Within two weeks of renewing the registration I got a notice stating that they had no record of the vehicle inspection and that the registration would be suspended if I did not get it inspected within 30 days.

If your vehicle is not inspected then you might be driving on a suspended registration.

I made 9 yrs in RI with my Super Duty with no inspection sticker. Moved to MA and got busted twice the first month. I’ll keep my eye out for an XJ.I’ll be working in Middleboro this week so I’ll be on the road alot.

Thanks SRXJ. I appreciate it!

Eric, My jimmy is inspected till March of 2014, I have the inspection printout and everything but have never receieved anything from the DMV in the mail nor was I informed of this upon registration. Just asked a buddy of mine who registered recently and he hadn’t heard about it either. That’s weird! I’m not doubting your source because it sounds like a law RI would make haha! It just seems odd and something they should 100% tell you when registering a car! I did a quick look on the DMV site and couldn’t find anything about it.

You have me scared now!!
Guess we’ll find out in April when I renew the reg haha.

Either way I’d still prefer to buy a Jeep that was has current inspection as it shows it’s been driven rather than sitting for unknown reasons, anddd maybe I’ll get away without having to inspect it again! :laughing:


I asked three of my cop friends, and my girl works at WWPD …and they all said the sticker transferred with my purchase of the vehicle…from the last owner (good till 2014). I’ll ask the other cops at the boxing gym tonight.

Do you know of a link or document that says different? I certainly do not think you are lying, and I am not trying to imply that. There just might be some stipulation or guideline that’s being missed or something ?

FWIW, I just renewed my reg on the Cherokee today.


I just found this off of the DMV web site. Here is the link were you can find the whole document. dmv.ri.gov/inspections/ below is from the PDF document.

Used vehicles, that are registered by a new owner that are operated on the public
roads must be inspected and approved within five (5) Division of Motor Vehicles
business days from the date of registering the used vehicle REGARDLESS OF
vehicle with a current Rhode Island valid inspection approval need not be
inspected until the current approval expires.

That makes more sense.

I think what happened to Eric was maybe his vehicles were hit with a 5 day tag by previous owners, that or maybe the stickers on them were fake (from previous owner)therefore RIs system didn’t have anything on it ever being inspected? Still a weird situation though!