WTB (2) 265/75/r16 tires

for my Dakota. would like to find couple of BFg AT’s. or any decent All Terrains. if anyone sees some for sale please let me know. size doesn’t really matter as long as they are close to 265/75.


He’s still alive!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Field & Forest trail ride in November. . .

yeah, super busy with school and training for Tough Mudder Finals on…wait for it…Nov 17. so i cant got to field and forest this time. bummer

Bummer. I might have to jump aboard this Tough Mudder thing next year.


You do know Tough Murder is a FOOT race not a Jeep run, right?


You get a free beer at the end though. That’ll be enough to motivate him.

dont tell him that, he’ll beat us now!!!

Beer or beers (plural)? There is a difference.