Would anyone like to help Autistic and disabled children?

Ok so my mother works at a school in Cranston call Corner Stone. This school is for children with Autism. I know I am not an official member of OSJ yet BUT I was thinking it would be cool to hold a car wash at the school to help them raise some money. I think a bunch of lifted jeeps would brighten up the kids day and also attract more people to check it out and hopefully have their cars washed. I have already run this idea by my mother and she informed me that they are planning a car wash already so I am thinking we can either just convoy over there and get the Jeeps washed or we can set another one up ourselves. Please let me know what you think. I met a lot of the kids the other day at a family day at the school and let me tell you, you can not meet this kids and not want to help. Thanks a lot guys!


we could also stack some muddy Jeeps out front and offer to help with the car wash? sounds like work but for a good cause i don’t mind sweating it up. when is their car wash?

good oppertunity for the Access for all XJ.

that sounds great to me… my jeeps already muddy and ready to climb lol, as long as its not on a saturday

sounds good to me. let me know & i can put together an announcement for it

Awesome guys, thank you for the support! I will talk to my mom about it this week, she said they are flexible on the date. Great idea on the Access For All XJ!!!

I love it. Sundays would work best for us too, but we could finagle something if it wasn’t . We can do just about any weekend (except 7/17).

Great Idea

Sounds like a good time for a great cause :slight_smile:

sounds like a fun :sunglasses:

I can set this up for any time, the only issue is it has to be on a weekday unfortunately…kind of sucks. I still want to try to get the access for all jeep down here.