Wood splitter

Does anybody have a portable wood splitter? I have a bunch of dry logs to split for use at the upcoming camp-n-wheel. Alternatively, I will take a splitting maul.

This seems like a better idea than stealing wood.

my buddy Rich does. i should be able to borrow it from him. its a real small one though should be able to handle 6"-8" logs maybe 12"

Just don’t get caught hauling wood in from out of state. I hear they are fining for that now.

Hey, I borrowed it. And replaced it. With interest.

Can we make it happen this week? All smaller logs. Nothing even close to 12". Some still need to be cut to length. And if anybody wants to volunteer some labor that would be cool. Its looking like I will be spending every spare moment getting my rig ready for the camping trip.

i’ll swing by some time this week

this is true, NH law.

im sure gretchen wont be policing the nh firewood policy

Who said anything about NH?