WJ to XJ conversion

Has anyone done a WJ steering and brake conversion on a XJ yet? I’m thinking this would be my next project.

Eric Miller did it on his ZJ but he sold that Jeep a long time ago and has not been around lately.

Are you looking to swap the outer c’s or just the brakes and steering?



Knuckles,Brakes, steering and gonna keep the ujoint axels in it. Not a fan of the CV. I heard you can use Crown Vic rotors instead of redrilling the WJ ones.

Not a bad job at all.
wj 1.JPG

wj 2.JPG

Looks good!


hey Mike, i was thinking of doing this on my YJ. you still like your setup? i was going to try a source a European drivers side knuckle to go true hi-steer.

I love the setup. If you want you can try it out anytime. The only thing with a YJ is I think you need to stay spring under, but I can double check that I have a YJ with a mild lift sitting in the yard still.

did you use the factory wj steering i cant remember…ray says you gotta bend something?

its a lot more than just bending something.

Ya I use a factory setup, you need to space out the bearings a 1/4 and depending on year of your axel maybe spacing out caliper brackets 1/4. Re drill the WJ rotors to 5 on 4 1/2. And then just shorten up the steering and drag linkage. It’s pretty straight forward.

i saw somewhere that you can source a European drivers side knuckle and run a true hi-steer. did you have to change the lower ball joint. the only thing i’ll have to figure out is the rotor redrill and the fact that i plan to go spring over.

I did not change the lower and have no issues. I think the problem with the spring over is that the draglink has to go over the spring and may hit when turning all the way left.

thats interesting all the research that iv done you need to change the lower ball joint the top is the same part number but lower is different.the taper is different i saw a pic some were on the net of the difference.for me im changing it.and henrys in blackstone 4 wjs

yeah i was thinking of running over there to source the parts