WJ conversion on my 98 XJ

So the steering on my heep stinks, as do the brakes. The ball joints and tie rods ends are old and shot up. I have a 3" OME lift that works great but I think my front arms are a bit too short (Stock arms).

I would like to know if anyone here has done the WJ brakes and steering, and know where I could get the parts? The JYs around here are not so user friendly these days and don’t let you in the yard. At least not the ones down this way ( SK, NK).

I can weld the inserts and spacers but I will need new hubs I believe?
Does the bolt pattern change with this?

I want to start getting parts for this swap and do it right the first time so any advice/help would be awesome. I have a shop in the Chariho area if anyone wants to dive into this with me.

Thanks a ton,

i looked at it a bit once but never went through with it. Gene knows of a couple places that might be able to help with parts.

bolt pattern should be the same.

If such a conversion uses the WJ unit bearings, and I have no idea if it does, then the bolt pattern will be different (WJ’s have 5 on 5")

Personally, I think such a conversion is a waste of time and money. If you really want to upgrade steering the Currie Currectlync is the way to go. Best bang for buck on the brakes is new stock rotors and quality pads such as Hawk HPS.

I did the new rotors/pads/hardware last year. The design is junk. The surface the pads ride on develops pockets and the caliper mount is awful.
the curry stuff is nice but way overpriced. I could literally make the links for less (cut,thread,tig).
That leads me back to the WJ stuff. From what I have read on countless threads, once completed, is night and day better. I have not read one single thread saying it was a waste of time or money. I couldn’t care less about strength as I hardly have any time to wheel (own my own business). It’s all about geometry.

Apparently you can use the stock hubs and ford rotors with the stock bolt pattern so that is nice. I just need to track down some used knuckles which shouldn’t be that hard considering they are everywhere.

Are there any decent junk yards in RI anymore ?

ZJPunk98 did the brake conversion. He is not on here often and I believe he recently sold his ZJ. I can put you in touch with him though.

Junkyards? Jeeps Unlimited (Providence), North Smithfield Auto, General Auto (Tiverton), Hall’s Garage (Scituate) are a few places I deal with on a regular basis.

I would not expect many places to separate the knuckles from an otherwise complete and functional axle. The places I listed above consistently offer some of the lowest prices in New England on complete axle assemblies. In fact General Auto has one from a 2004 right now for $150. Many other regional junkyards are getting $250-$1000.

Awesome Eric, thanks for the info. I have only used the yards in NK and SK in the past. You could walk around by yourself and remove whatever you wanted.

And then God heaped an army of lawyers upon us . . .

You need the knuckles brake calibers rotors… you need to buy a unit bearing spacer I think rustys offroad sell them then weld them on so you can run your bearings and will also need to drill your new wj rotors to 5x4.5 and henrys in blackstone mass is realy cheap and can walk around

Yeah Henry’s in Blackstone has a quite a few Cherokees and grand Cherokees there. I go there a lot and they let you go right in. There is also another jy in Walpole MA if you’re willing to drive that far. They have alot of Jeeps there and they also let you pick.

Nice, I appreciate the help. Between the jeep issues and trying to buy a house (supposed to close today), I haven’t been able to make any events. I owe you guys a beer.

Besides the year, is there anyway to tell a WJ from the other grands?

Thanks again,

Beer? Did I hear somebody say beer??? Too bad I have graduated to martinis . . . .