Winter Run at Brookridge - Saturday January 16th


There will be a Winter Run at Brookridge on Saturday January 16th. Brookridge is the property in Winchendon, MA that the NEA is in the process of acquiring and proceeds from this event will help pay the mortgage. It would be nice if we can get at least a few OSJ members to represent. Post up if you will be attending and note that preregistration is required via the following link: … 2138839924


Nice. I may need to be in Worchester later in the day. Maybe make a whole day if it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great. Anybody else? Lets do our part for the cause.

Would in a heartbeat if work wasn’t a snot. Hopefully I won’t be saying that soon.

I am interested. Let me confirm some scheduling. Love new places. Don’t love snow. Hmmmm

I may be in. Need to check work schedule.

I’m good to go ticket is paid for. are we meeting up any where to convoy out there? plz let me know I’m in . hope every one is well . see ya Saturday.

Just show up. Not sure how many members are going to this. Thanks for representing. Its a nice property.