Windshield light install needed

I mounted my black magic lights but I need someone who knows about wiring to help me get them connected. People in wranglerforum said its probably a half hour job for someone who knows what they are doing. I have mirror blinkers that need to be wired eventually as well, but I have a feeling that will be a longer job.

I should also do a U joint swap on my front DS at some point. I have two new joints but will likely need a few more parts.

If anyone is so inclined of if there’s a wrench night coming, let me know.


Ricky (YellowJK) is probably your best bet. I don’t think he has been on here since the last trail ride. Maybe shoot him a PM.

ya, i’m no good with electrical stuff. 90yj hosts garage sessions sometimes maybe we can get him to open up the doors sometime soon.

Painless wiring makes a kit. And KC has a wiring kit. Makes it trouble free and idiot proof for the windshield lights.

Mine came with what appears to be a kit. I’ve just never done any type of electrical and figured I could spend all day on it or pay someone and have it done in a half hr and learn something in the process. I’ll shoot yellowjk a PM. Thanks for the tip