winch cable

Anyone have 5/16 winch cable that is broken?

I have one that isn’t broken. Need one?

Well mine was kinked and frayed so,lastnight I got 3/8 cable but now the motor shit the bed . I called rough country but ill have to send them the junk cable I dont have anymore

The cable I have is brand new. Are you sure they will care if it has a cable?

Yea they want me to send it with a cable dont matter wat it is but im not losing my new 3/8s for a 5/16s

post around. i’m sure someone has something

i need one, mine is pretty bad. how much u want for it? how long is it?

I’ll trade for a couple growlers from Great South Bay Brewery. Payable before Saturday night or else the deal is off. :mrgreen:

works for me!!!

in that case i have a junk cable, its not broken but it is pretty kinked and frayed