Who can Build This?

So i wanna install my sleeve for my front axle soon, wondering if some could build this for me (zero welding skills). I get the materials and will throw some cash your way. Here is the link of the tool in use and i have pics

youtube.com/watch?v=BOnQ8uLn … e=youtu.be

“I used 2x2 square tube with 3/16 wall,added a 1” square plate on one end,on the other end took a 1/2x2-1/2 bolt welded to a small then attached to the end of tube,attach bearing driver with wide end facing axle,then stack some washer that are the same size as the ID of the sleeve(a spacer would work too)i used a nylock nut to hold it together,The handles were some 1/2 round bar"
Sleeve Driver 3.jpg
Sleeve Driver 2.jpg
Sleeve Driver.jpg

No problem. How soon is soon? Time will be tight until after the new year.

That is fine, let me gather up the metal

My roommate might have some scraps laying around to make that tool for nothing, I’ll ask him for you.

i’ll give him 12 pack at least

I can aslo weld if you need