Which lift kit?

Hey guys,

I have a 2010 wrangler 2dr, and I’ve been looking around at lift kits for it. Since I’ve never done a lift kit I’m unsure about exactly how high I should go and which brand to get. I’ve been looking at the rugged ridge orv 4" kit (5" for 2dr). Does anyone have any tips as to what has worked for them or hasn’t, and any brands to absolutely stay away from?


Go AEV if you can swing it.

What size tires do you want to run?


Budget Boost in the $100-250 range, i have an AEV.
(Retains stock spring rate and shock rate while allowing clearance for larger tires)

Save big bucks and put into skids, lockers, gears, wheels, tires for now…

After you wheel a while and:

find the bottom,
decide what to protect,
break things,
decide how much you want to spend on this hobby,

then you can get decide on shocks/coil-overs/short arms/long arms/joints/bump stops
3 link/4 link etc!

I’d like to have 33s

Most JK’s have 32’s from the factory. You can probably squeeze 33’s stock.

I had the 16" rim with 28" tires from the factory I upgraded to the 17" rim 31" or 32" stock wheels

33’s will fit stock, but you are going to rub the fenders when flexed… We have the 3/4" spacers and run 33’s.

I am running a 2.5" coils and shocks lift from RE, love it, no issues. With a 2.5" lift you can easily fit 35" tires at some point. You can find my lift for about $800 and that is with shocks

4wheelparts.com/Lift-Kits-Su … 7AodLVoADw