Wheel Spacers??

Hey guys…looking for some opinions here.

I recently put a 4" lift and new BFG 33’s (10.5’s on stock rims) on my 06 TJ. Although I love the lift…I’m not happy with the width. I know that to widen her stance a little I’m gonna need spacers or new wheels. I was looking into 1.5" wheel spacers but have read a lot about safety concerns.

My questions are…How do you feel about wheel spacers? Anyone using them? Any issues?
And also…what are the specs on the wheels I would need to widen my stance?


A few guys on here are running spacers and I haven’t heard to them having any problems at all. If you were to buy new wheels I would go with a 15x8 with 4" back spacing. That’s the size rims I purchased with my 33" tires. Of coarse I’m not sure if there is a difference between a TJ and XJ when it comes to clearance issues.

spacers are ok, just make sure you follow the install instructions and torque everything properly. if you are going to get new rims get something with a min 3.75" back spacing.

I ran spacers for years. No problems.

i run spacers, work just fine

Anyonen I know that had a failure with spacers had an air gun touch them. DON’T USE AIR GUNS ON THEM. lol. I put 20K miles on my 37’s on and offroad with 1.5" Aluminum Wheel spacers. No problems. I run a set of 2" wheel spacers in the rear now.

Thanks for the info guys.

To sum up what I have read here and in other places…as long as they are installed properly and maintained wheel spacers should be fine. I will eventually be getting new wheels but not just yet.
Wheel spacers will do the job till then. I am probably going to order them tomorrow…either
rough country or spidertrax.

What brand are you guys running?

You will find that quality spacers (like Spider Trax) are almost as expensive as wheels. The main use case for spacers is when you like your wheels but need less backspacing.

spidertrax are $100. rims are not, unless u find em used

That’s just for two though, right?

That would be $100 PER PAIR. I think I paid $125 per pair for mine.

buy the wheels now :slight_smile:

2cd that!

I’ve been running spacers right along with no issues, but when you first put them on follow instructions on torque, like Derick said and at anytime NEVER use an air gun to put them on even if you already had them on, for me was cheaper to get the spacers since i got them from someone that had never installed them and only payed $75 for all four BTW if i had the money for the rims back them i would have gotten them do to that the spacers do add extra stress to wheel bearings

i bought 5 used rims for $50. wire wheeled and painted them for another $20. they work

wow what a ripoff. why do they sell em by the pair when u have 4 wheels?!?

i’ll need just 2 when i finally put my 8.8 in :unamused: