What else is needed??

So I got a 05 TJ/LJ and just purchased the 2.5" rough country lift springs and shocks. I was going to get the rear track bar lowering bracket, noticed there’s no bracket for the front, whys that? Also just wondering what else is recommended to run this lift? I also currently have 2" body lift on it that I can’t figure out how to lift my shifter(it’s 6 speed man) to be able to fully engage it in reverse. Help this rookie jeeper please!!

lower the body lift of just get rid of it and invest in a skidrow engine skid. you should be good to go from there

I won’t need to do anything with front track bar or lower transfer case?? I hear a lot about driveline chatter from others

2.5" on stock body mounts you shouldn’t need to do anything. you might start looking at adjustable upper control arms in the rear. possible rear trackbar relocation bracket but you might be able to get away without it.

Ditch the body lift. That will solve all your shifter issues.

Agreed that 2" body lift is two much and you should ditch it. 1-1/4 max is good for your TJ.

my suggestion:
drop the body lift to 1-1/4" and add in a 1" MML (Motor Mount Lift) which you may or may not already have… In addition to the springs and shocks I would recommend a rear track bar relocation bracket and bump stops if not included in the kit. Other then that you should be good to go. On the front track bar, there are a couple of options: You can use the factory track bar and drill a new 3/4" diameter hole in the chassis bracket or use the original hole but then you would need an adjustable track bar. The track bar is what is used to center your axle in the chassis. With this set up you should be able to run up to 33’s without any other mods.

I have a front track bar relocated bracket that might work. But drilling a new hole will do the job till you get a adj. trackbar

Drilling the hole for the track bar is kinda hack. It make the axle side mount weaker. An adjustable track bar really isn’t that much.

I wouldn’t run much more than a 1" body lift if any. If you do, get the 1" motor mount lift, and tummy tuck skid.

Personally I would just run a 3" suspension lift max on a tj.

I ran 3" lift on mine with 37" tires and it was perfect.

Totally agree with Ricky. Drilling the trackbar mount is a hack. The factory axle mounts on a TJ are already flimsey enough, let alone weakening them further by drilling more material away. And since your going to have to go thru the process of removing the body lift anyway, might as well just lower it down to 1" then you’ll have the room to do a tummy-tuck in the future.

So majority rules, body lift is getting dropped!! So glad I signed up for this because jeep world is soo much different then my rams I was used to playing with. What is this “tummy tuck”? I really appreciate everyone’s input!

With the body an inch off the frame, it allows you to move all the drive train components up about an inch, giving you more ground clearance under your Jeep with out having to lift it higher. This also keeps you at a low center of gravity, this comes in handy when you are out on the trail and get into some off camber situations, you don’t have to worry as much about rolling the Jeep.