What do you guys think of these tires

Looking at getting a couple of spare tires, what do you think?

Check out this item I found on eBay: pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav= … 0330633644

It’s either the ones in the listing, but there from 2008 and I’m not sure about them being old, or two more of the treadwright retreads I have now, but the Retreads are on back orderand I won’t have them for 6 weeks or so.
Not sure what to do.

I’d just find something on CL

P.S. How come you have not signed up for the November trail ride at Field & Forest?

Thinking sawmill instead, any idea when we can do the coil spring guides?
I have been making progress on the skid plate, just some welding holding me up.
Also I ordered the rear bumper today looking at 3-5 weeks till I get it.

Do both.

This weekend?

Can’t do both, overtime on Saturdays usually work till 12
Saturday afternoon good?

If its good for you. I was planning to scout some property and might not be there.

watch Craigslist or post up on the facebook NE trading post page

Ive got a like new narrow 33" tire KM2 off my JK if you just need a spare