I bought a bracket to fix my frame that cracked and rotted. Considering its a critical spot. it holds the adjustable control arms upper and lower and swaybar Link. I didn’t want to try to weld this myself. Sense I don’t weld. I can get what I think is a mig welder to use. I can go to you or do it at my house which I can get everything cut and preped for weld. Thx

Look up krawldaddyoffroad.com they weld

I think all the guys who need to do frame fix’s should do a tec day im sure we can get a group together and knock them out.

x2 the prep work is really the only thing that takes a lot of time.

I think im going to pick up the welder & my plasma cutter so I can help you guys out

I got a welder and a plasma cutter. If you need some help let me know.

Thanks guys I ended up doing the frame last week. I forgot to post up. Now I need to figure out how to down size my pix to post.