Wants to play

Hello everyone. I’m Holly. I’m a 40yo fun chick who is in love my 06 Wrangler Unlimited. I have had it for 3 years. I consider myself a novice 4wheeler, only bec I can’t seem to find a place to play and get dirty. I’m in East Providence, RI and would love to meet like minded fun folks who can teach me the ropes. I share well, don’t mind being a passenger but need to feel safe. I totally get a kick outta mud flying, bumps. I giggle like a kid.

I look forward to meeting new friends :slight_smile:

welcome Holly. we have some fun events coming up in the next couple months. put in an application and we’ll open up the events section for you.

Welcome to the forum Holly

Welcome Holly!

You can find the application here:


Its painless. Our next trail ride event is now less than two weeks away. Its a camp-n-wheel weekend in the vicinity of Keene, NH. If you can’t do the camping thing then come on up Saturday morning and wheel.

Welcome aboard. You found the right group for some good times

welcome from blackstone… :smiley:

Thanks for the friendly welcome! Just emailed my application and look forward to meeting everyone!

Welcome To the Forum Holly

welcome to the forum.

YAY!! Another Jeep Chick! (Watch out boys… it’s gettin’ crowded in here!) :laughing:

Welcome to the forum Holly! Hope to meet you soon!

Welcome holly

Woo hoo! Another girl!

got it. you should have a couple new forum sections opened up now.

Welcome Holly

For the record all 40 year olds are fun… I never thought that until about 2 months ago though

Welcome Holly