Wanted good 4.0 for a 98

Blew my motor on the way home so now I need another one

ugh! i think Freejeep has one but i’m not sure if it is for sale or not

Wtf. Preliminary diagnosis?

Now would be the time to build a stroker.

I think I tossed a rod or broke a piston on the way home. Started rapping really loud and then it died as I pulled over. Wont start but does turn over freely so who knows… Oil was coming out of the passengers side between the head and block. Hopefully the new head is still good…


found one…spent the entire day pulling mine and prepping the new one to go in… finish the install tomorrow… hopefully

Run good oil in it with zinc! I learned the hard way lol

engine is in and running great… running better then my old one did actually so all is good!


It would probably take me months to swap an engine. Getting the job done in two days is amazing.

Thanks I had some help from my girlfriend and even her kids lent a hand. The worst part was FINALLY getting the engine and trans aligned after two hours of trying just to realize that the new engine had the alignment pins in it and so didn’t my trans… err

thats awesome! take me a month to do a regear and Glenn here does an engine swap in 2 days…

Nice job