wanted: drop pitman arm

i’m thinking i need to get a drop pitman arm. i have about 4+ inches of lift. Plus after all i have done to the front end i’m still getting some wobble on the road. usually hitting bumps on the highway and sweeping turns while doing 65mph.

so anyone have one laying around or know where i could find one locally?

I seem to think I saw I one I that NE Offroad Trading Facebook thing yesterday.
Of course I could also be totally wrong.

I think ZJ pitman arms are dropped at least a couple inches compared to TJ’s.

do you have a spare laying around?

Should have a 4" drop arm from my CJ. I will look tomorrow.

Gave it to Gene last year.

I have a zj one if you can get it off the box

this is my current steering geometry. after looking at the lines it doesn’t seem that far off. the bottom bar (light blue) is the one that i was thinking i would try to flatten out. basically i’m getting Death Wobble on the highway when i hit bumps and while driving in sweeping turns doing 65mph. my other thought is my tie rod ends are tired but they done show play side to side. everything else in the steering is new.

Caster angle?

I routinely drive around with loose track bar, sloppy steering, unbalanced tires, etc.

A 2 degree change in caster angle is all that is takes to bring on the wobble.

its at 7 degrees. TRE are the only thing i haven’t changed out yet but the current ones dont seem to be bad. i only get the wobble on the highway in sweeping turns while hitting a bump.

convert to over knuckle…wouldnt that correct geometry

i have to go through all the bolts in the front end. i’m getting play now, i can feel it in the steering. its going to be an interesting week of driving.

Alright money bags. But what’s the expense if all steering linkage is being reused. Goferitoffroad has the sleeves for $30 or so.

If you convert a 5-link front suspension to over-knuckle then you also have to raise the track bar. Not nearly as simple as a WhyJ.

Crown has them for like $30 or so

the drag link and trackbar are parallel so i have to go through the rest of my steering first. starting with the stupid lower trackbar bolt.