Wanted -- Dana 44 rear axle assy w/4.10's for 97-06 TJ?

30 spline or better.

General Auto in Tiverton has two of them. They want $650 each which is the cheapest I have seen one of these axles. Six months ago most places were getting over a $1000 for them. I guess they learned that Mopar was selling brand new axles for like $1,300.

Thanks Eric – I’ll call them and see what the scoop is.

yeah, but there are not a direct bolt in for a tj… :unamused:

Well I called and they had at least one w/3.73 gears – he said it’s been a couple of years since he had one w/4.10’s. So I’m going to move on w/a 8.8.

I just double-checked car-part and yes, it turns out they only have D35’s with 4.10’s. There are a number of places in the NE that have them but like I said, over $1,000 (see below)

Mopar DOES sell bolt-in TJ axles, either the old style D44 (w D35 size tubes) or the next generation D44’s (i.e. JK D44’s) with TJ brackets but the price has gone up. Just call Ball Hill Dodge to get a quote.

I might be able to get you some money off at bald hill. I think 20%.

are the TJ axles that cheap? i assumed you was referencing the stupid cheap JK axles

The last timeime i checked the next generation Mopar Dana 44 is made by Dyna Trac. I checked with a local dealer and the rear axle sell for $ 4,300. I bought a Dana 44 out of a 2001 Sahara 3.73 gears with 60,000 miles on it for $950.I have been looking for one for quite a long time they are hard to find around here. :open_mouth:

OK – thanks for the ideas & help. Figured this wouldn’t be easy so I got an 8.8 this week w/4.10’s. Now I gotta grind, glue, and connect stuff which should be fun - lol. Hope I can get 'er done before snow flies.

i just picked up another one… i had a 8.8 but it has 3.52 gears i was going to get regeared to 4.56 but i figured i’d rather have the 4.10’s right now rather than maybe have 4.56 next year. now i just have to find a front axle with 4.10’s :unamused:

HP30 out of a 4cyl XJ?

That is what I have been wanting to do too. Haven’t really started looking for one though.

jeeps unlimited

yup, easier said than done so far though

i’ll have to try to call him monday/tuesday

he dont getthem often. he was supposed to keep an eye out 4 me and i waited so long i went to bay state and built mine. wouldfnt u know a week or 2 later he got them in. JML :unamused:

I’d be leery about throwing an axle with over 150k into a vehicle that is uses fod DD duty, especially commuting.

me too. i saw a couple but all with over 150K. we:ll see what happens in the next couple weeks