Vibrations, and not the good kind.

After I got the Clayton’s kit installed I had some vibrations. Some with experience to figure this thing out I checked the rear angles and adjusted the arms thanks guys, Rich so now they look good but I still have vibrations. It’s driving me Fucking crazy I need

Some night this week we will be working on Jay’s axle. I can take a look then.

P.S. Step number 1 is to pull the front driveshaft then take it for a spin. If its still vibrating replace front, pull rear, and take it for another spin.

Didn’t get to pulling the rear yesterday

when does it vibrate? on the gas? during coast? speed?

Vibrates on acceleration, pulled the front and had no change but when I put it back on it seemed to get worse. It’s so hard to navigate this forum from my phone ihope this reply makes senseAfter adjusting the rear arms it seemed to only do it between 40-50 mph but when I put the front in it rumbles all over. I think I have more than one issue, I am still new to drive line setup

P.S. I don’t see your name on the list for the upcoming camp-n-wheel. Be there or be square!!!

Just to clarify. Everything was fine before you installed the new suspension and you are running the same amount of lift?

[EDIT] Does the front have a CV joint at the axle? It will not be happy if the wheelbase changed much. I would keep the front driveshaft out until the rear is dialed in then deal with the front.

I have a double cardan joint at the t-case and :slight_smile:joint at the axle small vibes with the other kit no vibration from the front at 4" when I put on the new springs it s all over

No death wobble, small amount of bump steer

What is a :slight_smile: joint? Is it a CV or a Cardan?

How much lift with the new springs? I thought you were using the old springs?

Lmao, I tried to type cardan but once I have more than a few words in the text feels it’s all over the place and I can’t see what I’m typing.

:laughing: did you try just the front shaft? new tires?

Never got around to driving with just the front shaft, same tires as they have ever been

check the centering ball in the shaft. mine vibs wen it goes bad.