Upper adj. control arms

Trying to get the adj. control arms in and can’t get it to go back not sure how to get this done should I take the track bar down to help. Thx

Can’t quite visualize the problem. Sounds like you need a bigger hammer. . . .

And once the bolt hole starts to line up a drift pin.

use a ratchet strap to get it in the right position. after you’ll need to make sure the camber/pinion angles are ok.

Finally got it in. And the lift. One problem I put the track bar brackets on the front. Axels shifted to the pass side. And the rears I decided not to put in the bracket and its the same way. What should I do. Can’t really afford adj track bars for the fronts and rears right now.

the front you can drill a hole an inch over. the back you would have to do a relocation bracket i think. i had one but not sure that i still do

Thx derick. I did buy the rear but did not install it after seeing what it did to the fronts I was worried what it would do.