Trail spares

Ok I’m looking to set up my breakage box so I’m looking for input on what I really need and where I should get it. I have Dana 30 in the front open and a Dana 35 locked in the rear. I believe I need as spares:
Dana 35 right rear axle shaft
Dana 35 left rear axle shaft
Dana 30 inner & outer shaft left
Dana 30 inner & outer shaft right
1 u joint (I’m assuming it’s someone for left or right)

Should I go to junk yards or should I just buy spares new

Its good to have spare u-joints but more often than not when the u-joint goes it takes the yoke with it = spare driveshaft with u-joints already installed.

I’d also recommend having the spare front axles already setup with unit bearings. That way you are looking at about 15 minute job to replace the axle.

Another nice item to keep handy is spare steering linkage.

It might be hard to get spare shafts from a junkyard. Most will prefer to sell the whole axle. I’d also avoid new. Jeeps Unlimited is an option.

just keep your eyes open for people selling a D30 and 35 and dont spend more than 50-100 bucks for either one. gearing wont matter in either axle just make sure the front axle has the bigger ujoints. i’ll give you a cap from one of my old ujoints to bring with you to measure up. i have a spare steering setup in the shed you can have.