Trac bar

Can’t get my trac bar off bolt is to tight who’s got a impact gun

Just get a longer wrench. Do you have any steel pipe lying around that will fit onto your ratchet?

More often than not “too tight” = “corroded.” On older rigs my starting point is usually the sawzall.

try using a 3/4 drive ratchet and the bar from a highlift jack

I feel like I’m gonna strip the bolt or bust the guts outa my ratchet

Looks to be corroded I didn’t remove it when I did the shackles but the lift is only a year old dont even no why i put it back on in the first. Place lol

cut off wheel that sucker right off then

if this is a yj, you don’t even need a trac bar.

I know I don’t need it thts y there coming off and being throw in the scrap pile just don’t have a drill tht will be strong enough

i dont have an impact but i might be able to swing by with a breaker bar this weekend if you’re going to be around?

I have a breaker bar I should just go buy a 3/8 to 1/2 converter a d ill let u know how I make out

If your around Monday bring that bad boy to north attleboro or I can come down and make quickly work of both track bars for you. Let me know I should have all the tools to cut, break, or pry it off.

It was the first mod I did to mine.

Yea i have Monday off but I live in gansett

Alright. Pm me your address and phone number, ill call you Monday.

Get some beers :wink:

Do I need to bring jacks and stands? What’s your #?

Edit: just seen your pm’s. You got it.o

Hey if its nice Thurs do you wanna meet up? I’m off in the afternoon.