Tow Hook quick question

So I need tow hooks for this sunday. Rusty’s is out of my price range and won’t be here in time with shipping. Is there anyway I could get these to work?? … 67497.html

That looks just like the stock ones for TJs and 10,000lb should be enough. The review makes me nervous though. For the price I’d buy it, and be gentle with it, then replace it before the next trip.

where the hell can i bolt them up to a 99 XJ?

Do you have any tow hooks now? Front or rear? What about a trailer hitch? If you have a trailer hitch then a D-ring that fits into the reciever will work for the rear.

The front is a bit more dicey. In addition to the hook you typically need some sort of bracket. You might try searching on NAXJA, cherokeeforum, or jeepforum to see what others have cobbled up.

It might also be worth checking if Jeeps Unlimited in Providence has a factory xj tow hook system.

or Crown Automotive in Canton, MA

i have the rear trailer hitch dring hook so the rears all set i just need some kind of tow hooks for the front. Might take a ride to Crown since the guy always has good prices. Jeeps Unlimited is the last place I’d go. Went there twice and both times it was a complete waste of my time

give him a call and let him know you are with OSJ. i might be able to swing up there and grab anything you decided to get. i work 15 mins away.