Tough Choice

Ok so right now I’m sitting at around 3inchs on my XJ. After seeing a XJ lifted 4.5 on 32s, I’m just not happy with my 3inch. Tough choice is do I want to fully replace the lift kit thats only a couple months old or should I just do a 1.75 shack and coil spacer lift??

Coil spacers and shackles work fine. Do you have an adjustable trac bar? If not you might need one.

When I went up from 4" to 5.5" I replaced my whole kit and upgraded to long arms in the front. Although my kit was 4 years old at that time and my rear leaf springs were sagging pritty good due to the AAL that I added when I did the 4" lift.

When you do go to 4.5" you will also need an SYE or transfercase drop, if you don’t already have one installed.

yeah i have both. adj trac bar and transfer case drop kit. My main problem is as of this second from the bottom of my diff. to the ground is only 9.5 inches :angry:

You say that now, but trust me it doesn’t go away. Once you have the 33" you will see what the Jeeps with 35" can do, and then you will want to upgrade to that. :laughing:

ehhhh i think 33s will do the trick for me. i mean it is my daily driver for now :smiley:

the other question i have is that the rear lifted shackles are 1.50’’ but the front coil spacers are 1.75’’ fail.

personally, I would spend the money on the SYE & shaft, and loose the tc drop. but shackles and spacers is fine, and you won’t notice the 1/4" difference. especially if you have tools in the back.

yeah the sye will be bought and installed when my tax return gets here. the transfer case drop was just for now


You could always go with a 2" shackle in the rear and your truck will have a little rake to it. Better higher in the rear than in the front. Just looks better.

Oh yeah and I thought 33’s were gonna be fine too when I started this thing too :wink:

I got my drive shaft and sye from Adams drive shaft on line 400 bucks for the pair comes with a lifetime warranty bend it break it twist it they will replace it

i got 5 33 12.5 r15 bfg mt km2"s forsale with less than 2000 miles on them with rims

you can probably get the Crown SYE for a little over a hundred bucks. then just comes finding or making a CV driveshaft

With the XJ if you have an automatic transmission and an SYE your front driveshaft will fit the rear. I picked up mine for $35. And a spare for both my front and rear drive shaft for $40

whats the price? get back to me asap pleaseeee

one rim is messed up from wheeling good for a spair only 1100 for all 5 like i said ther all most brand new