Touch- A Truck Event to benefit The Impossible Dream

[size=150]Touch- A Truck Event to benefit The Impossible Dream[/size]
When: Saturday October 1st

[size=200]This is open to every one[/size]

Time: Participants must be arriving at the Centerville road entrance no later than 9 am and WILL NOT be allowed to leave until after the event ends at 2pm

WhereThe Impossible Dream 575 Centerville Rd # 4, Warwick, RI

Meeting Spot & time Dunkin Donuts 1016 Centerville Rd, Warwick, RI 02886
(Lat and long 41.69634,-71.496965) No later than 8:30 so we can proceed to 575 Centerville Rd # 4, Warwick, RI situated by 9:00.

We Must enter through the centerville road entrance and will be exiting the very same way

Those that do wish to participate please post below
We Have a 30 rig cap

1: Bigred94
2: Jwo
3: medic0506



I’m in. For sure.

i wont be able to stay till 2 but i’ll come by and hangout for a couple hours in the AM

If we finish inventory before lunch I’ll swing by after lunch for a couple hours.

We will be up north that weekend… too bad. Looks like a great event!

Only three rigs to show off, come on guys we have space for 30

Any response from the NEA forum? I also made a plug of JeepForum.

Is this going to be open or member’s only?

Its open to anybody with a Jeep. Or any 4x4 for that matter.

That go for riding with us up there? I was going to see if one of the new guys that applied would want to come.

posted on the other thread, possible, if i can leave early :exclamation:

Just got an e-mail from the imPOSSIBLE DREAM

Please lets give them the best OSJ has to offer, we need people that can stay

We need more of a turn out than 4 rigs.

I believe I will be around for this. As it turns out, I have to work a Football game at Toll Gate (just up the hill) at 10am. I can roll in for set up and, then hoof it up the hill for the game. That is, if you can deal with the Ronin sticker on the windshield! :smiley:

any Jeep is welcome

is there a plan for the rain if it starts to come down tomorrow?

Yes, Hope it does not rain on Saturday. :laughing:

^ What he said.

Plus we have our canopy.