torque specs

Does anyone know what the specs are on the u-bolts for the 8.8? Does 80ft. lbs. sound about right?

I cranked mine to 140… maxed out my torque bar… BUT… I’ve got 9/16th’s bolts and deep nuts too.

(that may be too much personal information)

Holy crap! Most forums I’ve been on say between 60 and 90. I torqued my D35 at 90 and it twisted the heck out of the u-bolts.

the torque specs would be for the u-bolt size, not the axle. … =SYE+write

Yeah, I had them made up at Palmer Spring. Wanted to get them done right so I got “extra beefy”. That’s the specs I got for the size and thread.

Def don’t want to torque 1/2 inch anything over 80-90lbs.

Wise guy!

The bolts that I twisted were made at Palmer spring and they told me to go 90 ft.lbs. I’d say it was a bit too much. The bolts I will be using are half inch thick (same as Palmers) and I don’t want to twist these.

90 should be about right. torque 'em halfway first and do them equaly. do you have a good torque wrench?

Just a little tip :wink: re-torque them after a few miles of driving and then again after you wheel it the first time