TJ stuffs for sale or tradings...

2 month old Rampage frameless soft top. Has new no drill header bar and tailgate bar.$350 for all of it.

Smittybuilt rear bumper. Older, “classic” with no D-Rings. primered. $100

teraflex 4.0l oil pan skid. only 1 trip with it. $40

if youre going to the ride tomorrow i can bring this stuff with so you can see it.


I will take the oil pan skid p And I will be at the trail ride tomorrow


It’s an easy enough install we can slap it on in the lot before the ride too.

Also have Catch-All molded TJ mats, front and rear $30

A padded bag for soft doors $10

And a front light bar that mounts into the factory tow hook position $30

Im taking pics of everything right now so text if you want to see anytging.

$75 for the bumper

$300 for the Rampage top.

What color is top.


Do you still have the top?

Sure do

I want to meet up some time to try it out. I’m not sure if it will fit my cage

Ok. I should have time this weekend or later next week.

Still have the top, mats, bumper and bag… make some offers or better yet… bundle some stuff together :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bumping this up. Nick left me with soft top, If anyone wants it hes agreed to lower the price to 250. Let me know. Thanks

I might be interested.

I just want to check it out on the web first.

no worries bob, just let me know!