TJ Soft Top

so i went to change tops this weekend but couldn’t really figure it out :blush: i think i’m missing windshield brackets…? can one of you guys snap some pics to give me an idea on how these things go on. i have some experience with YJ tops but the TJ’s are a little different. also i tried to install the top windshield bar but the bolts didn’t seem long enough, anybody have any advise from experience? i think the soft top i have is the Bestop Supertop.


if you want to bring it by one night i can give you a hand

sounds good Jeff. if Wends. will work for you i’ll swing by when i get out of work. i’m pretty sure i need to get the windshield bracket but am not sure where to pick it up from. anybody have any ideas? i checked Bestop’s website but can’t find a piece by piece purchase selection.

Hi Derick i put my soft top on my TJ Sunday my top is a Best Top.If you need a hand or want to stop buy to check it out i get home at 3:30.I also have a spare frame but i dont have a spare window bracket. I think 4 Wheel parts has the window bracket.Give me a call or PM me my cell number is on the member contact list. :wink:

wednesday sounds good, which bracket? #'s 380.96 & 97 or 378.36? If is 378.36 i have a spare you can use till you get one.
I get home around 4:30 ish so after that is cool

ya, 380.6 and .7. i ordered them from Bestop yesterday… 15 bucks, not that bad.

my biggest issue now is making sure the windshield rail sits right. do you have to jam that sucker on to get the bolts to sit right. when i tried it they didn’t seem long enough.

ya, i get out of work at 4:30 so i can swing by around 5-5:30.

i hope those brackets come in, i’ll run back down to CT to drop my top off on Friday and be all set for Sat.

the super top & hard top are non compliant so getting it home for the summer will be tough
if you want i can hold it if you can get a truck to get it where it needs to go

ya, i know. i guess i just want to see how you put the windshield top rail in. i’m pretty sure once the windshield brackets come in i’ll have everything. i’m just not 100% on how everything goes together.