TJ rear axle brackets

Does anyone have a junk TJ rear axle hanging around that they wouldn’t mind cutting off the brackets from? I am picking up a 8.8 tomorrow and really dont want to cut up my existing axle if I don’t have to.

Your best option would be to just by new ones. They would be stronger and easier to install. Trying to cut brackets off and placing them onto another axle would be too hard. Plus the 8,8 is a bigger housing than the D35.

Any suggestions where the best place get them and which brand? I found this one but its a lot overkill… … p_233.html

Derick and the other TJ guys should know. With the XJ having leafs in the rear an 8.8 just bolts right up. :laughing:

I concur with Chris.

That Artec kit looks nice. I usually get my brackets from Rusty’s or Ballistic Fabrication. Other sources include Clayton Offroad (in nearby CT), MORE, 4WD, Poly Performance, . . .

I do, but as Chris said it might not work out. If you want it to play around with and try it out, let me know.

Thanks guys… I am thinking (scary) that I will save up and just pick up a set… maybe the Artec kit even though it is way overkill but not really any more then other kits I seen without the brace…

Now to keep an eye out for a HP 30 with 4:10’s

WHEW thats a crazy kit. i bought the MORE brackets. they worked well and are plenty beefy. I think Jamie salvaged brackets and hasnt had a problem. ask him if it was worth it.

man! $350? i didnt think they were that expensive… Arteca has a better put together package. locating where to weld the brackets took some time when i did mine plus it includes a truss. … 006_TJ.htm

Mine csme from balistic fab for I want to say less then 150 for all of them