TJ clutch

How hard is it to do a clutch in a TJ, is it something we could do on a tech day?

Not sure if this is what your looking for, but here is a write up on a TJ clutch replacement.

It took them 15 hours to replace the clutch.

it shouldnt take 15 hours
it shouldn’t take more than 4, they must have been total idiots
or they are maried to my wife

depends if your using a lift or on the ground, that’s a big factor, took me and my dad on the ground about 8 to10 hrs and that’s with a few things not going our way :unamused:

I think you should resurface the flywheel if going through the pain of replacing a clutch. When I have done clutches in the past we were able to take the flywheel to an autoparts store that could do it on the spot.

So is this something someone could give me a hand with at my shop in a day, I’m not familiar with doing this but i did score a clutch alignment tool. :smiling_imp:

score? dont they give em to u when u buy a clutch? its been a while since i have done one but im sure i can give u a hand. when would u wanna do it?


I’d be up to help out depending on the time.

I have a clutch alignment tool but guess you won’t be needing it.

think i am going to need to do my soon also

Tool should come in the kit, to make things easier get a tranny jack, i be willing to help but depends on when you be doing it

Once I get my taxes I’m want to get it done. Tyranny Jack I don’t have put plenty of big floor jacks. Soon as I get the clutch I will let you guys know. Thanks for the help