Tire Size & Gear Ratio Chart

heres an other chart from quadratec

Highway Driving, Good Fuel Economy
Daily Driver, Best Overall Performance
Most Power and Towing, Reduced Fuel Economy

Sourced From: jeepforum.com

it’s sad because 3.07’s aren’t even on that chart.

from my experience so far, i have 31X12.5 R15 and a 6 speed manual and everyday driveability actually improved. i get better gas mileage and have to shift a lot less. i didn’t loose 6th at all, it actually acts like 6th now but i don’t really have to down shift on the highway. on the Con side: down shifting to slow down is pretty much non existent and i think my crawl ratio is gonna suffer pretty bad but i haven’t gotten out to the woods yet to find out.

so all in all, 31’s are a good fit for a 06’ daily driver, IMHO. i think i might have regretted going any bigger especially living in hilly New England. Plus my 31’s compared to some 33’s… not that much of a difference.

yeah, thats my bad…i didn’t knowtice that the 3.07’s were not on the chart lol

i never diven my tj on stock tires. but my old jk had the same 6 speed tranny. you could actualy skip first gear with stock tires.

i know that my tj (she gotz a 6speed too :smiley: ) gets any where from 14-20mpg with 33"s and 3.73’s (fl is very flat)

updated first post… now ya’ll with 3.07’s are included!

ya, 1st was pretty much useless but it had to be used, i can still spin the tires with 31’s to so no real loss. i think 33’s would be a choir though