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I have a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon with the BF Goodrich mud terrain tires on it. I have gone through 2 brand new set in 3 years each set only having 28,000 miles on them. I have never taken this truck off road and I purchased it with the tires on the jeep. Does anyone else had this problem? The Jeep dealer said the tires did not belong on the truck, which i explained I bought the tires with the truck. They said there is nothing wrong with the jeep. The tire people are saying there is something wrong with the truck to have gone through two sets of tires in that amount of time. The tires are all scallopping and wearing funny. Can someone help me figure this out, please? I know that I am new to this organization, but I thought it was the best place to ask.

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There are a few things that could be causing your tires to wear. A few simple things to check are the tire pressure, alignment of the steering, and the last time the wheels were balanced and rotated. For the tire pressure, if you have too much pressure in them then the tire will wear out more on the outside, and if you have to little then there will be more wear on the inside of the tire. (You might want to check to make sure that i don’t have that backwards). One way for finding this out is if you put some masking tape across your tire and take a drive for a mile or so. If the tape wears off evenly then you are good, if one side wears off more than the other then you will know if you have to much or too little. For the alignment you could just take out a tape measure. The first measurement you take is with both front wheels forward measure the distance between them in the front. I usually will just pick a tread line and match it to the same tread line on the other tire. Then do the same for the tires in the back. You want the front tires to be shorter by an 1/8" usually. This will tell you the toe in and toe out of the tires and let you know if they are fighting one another when you are driving down the road, which will cause them to wear quicker than normal. And if that seems to be ok, then the next time you go to get your oil changed ask them to have your tires re-balanced and rotated.

Do you have a picture of the tire wear?

Scalloping is normally a symptom of improper toe setting. Bring to a reputable shop for alignment.

Which dealer told you the tires did not belong on the Jeep? Don’t go there anymore.

mud tires do wear faster, but shouldnt wear un-even. something is wrong.

^^^ all good suggestions. most shops have NO CLUE when it comes to lifted jeeps. post a couple pictures and take some measurements and go from there. BFG’s wear really well, i’ve had my AT’s on for 35K bought them used and they still looks pretty good and i’ve seen the M/t’s on other rigs last a good amount of time as well.

Come out to the Middletown jeep, I take mine there and they are trained in lift and after market parts for jeep. They will take care of you tell them John with the red lifted jeep sent you. Ask for Shawn he will take great care of you!

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